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THREE Obsessions That Plague the Construction Business

Apartments, homes, condos, offices, malls or stores, everything starts with a construction business or a construction company. Whether you want to build your own house or want to develop a residential building, whether you want your business to get a new office or whether you need to open another branch of your mall or store, you would have to get in contact with a construction company.

And since there are a LOT of construction companies as compared to a single entity that caters to the needs of one and all, your choice won’t be that easy, especially considering the fact that the choice of company may very well decide your more ways than one. If you end up choosing a reliable and well-reputed company which delivers you exactly what you need, you would obviously prosper in your endeavors and would be able to do everything with a peace of mind. However, if you would end up choosing a company that doesn’t do all that, you will never have a good foundation to build from.

Consider the case of a shopping mart or a mall. If the building isn’t solid and reliable in its construction, it would badly affect the business. Consider for a moment how badly the shop or mall would be portrayed if a customer gets terrified because of a small crack in any of the walls? You simply can’t make the wrong choice as far as a construction company goes.

However, there are a few problems with the construction business at the moment that would make your choice a lot more difficult. They are:


  • The Obsession With Aesthetic Buildings

Almost every construction company wants to create something that looks aesthetically wonderful. You might say what the problem is with that. There is actually no problem with it. However, the obsession becomes a problem when the safety and reliability of a building are ignored in the process of building something that looks beautiful. What good will be a building if it comes crashing down a couple of years after its construction? It would still be a sight for sure.

  • The Obsession With Money

Well, that’s a problem with every niche but the examples of over-the-top prices for services rendered are just too many here. There is no doubt that labor costs and construction material prices have sky-rocketed but still, the prices are very high even then.

  • The Obsession With Poor Material

Probably the worst of all the obsessions..this obsession can actually make your worst dreams come true..the dream of your house falling down while you are asleep in your room. We might be exaggerating it a bit but it’s kind of true. Construction companies, to keep the costs down, usually use poor quality material and the end-result are usually buildings that would crumble with the first earthquake.

The thing you need to do is to get hold of a company who is above these obsessions - a company like Paul Daiwa Construction!


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We never doubted the ability of the workers and management staff of Paul Daiwa Construction and our faith in them was repaid with a very impressive building for our office. We can’t praise them enough for their work!
Rupert S. Mason
Mason Cultural Center

Happy Clients

When we bought the site for our new branch, we decided to go with Paul Daiwa Construction after seeing their body of work and we are very pleased that we chose them. The building is exactly as what we had asked them. We recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Teresa H. Singer