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CVAは日本からの研究者向けのレンタルオフィスです。事務設備(机、電話、コピー機、FAXとインターネット接続のPC)を備えています。調査研究等で 一時的に滞英する方はロンドンの中心部にある当センターをご利用下さい。開館時間は通常月曜から金曜の9:30-5:00です。

Located on the third floor of Daiwa Foundation Japan House, the Centre for Visiting Academics (CVA) offers desk space and facilities for up to 6 visitors. It is primarily aimed at Japanese academics who are temporarily resident in the UK and seeking to carry out research projects from a convenient London base. The CVA offers a sound working environment for the community of academics who may not have existing links with UK universities or who, despite such links, cannot gain access to equivalent university-based accommodation.

The Centre provides each individual with their own desk space and (Windows-based) PC with full access to the Internet and a unique e-mail address if required. It is equipped with 2 direct telephone lines and access to a fax machine and photocopier can be arranged at request. Visiting academics also have full use of Daiwa Foundation Japan House facilities, which include the Library and the Common Room. There is a small monthly charge for desk space, inclusive of local phone, fax and photocopying charges.

The Centre for Visiting Academics is normally open from 9:30am to 5:00pm , Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.  

If you are interested in registering for desk space or require further information, please contact the Foundation as follows:

UK enquiries

Ms Tomoko Kawamura
Centre for Visiting Academics
Daiwa Foundation Japan House
13/14 Cornwall Terrace
London NW1 4QP

Tel : 0
Fax : 0

Japan enquiries

Mrs Junko Kono
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
TBR Bldg. 810
Nagata-cho 2-10-2
Tokyo 100-0014  


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