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The Foundationís programme of activities in the UK is based at Daiwa Foundation Japan House, located in Cornwall Terrace on the south side of Regents Park in central London. 

Daiwa Foundation Japan House was opened on 14 July 1994 by then British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd.

Image: Daiwa Foundation Japan House

Academic and cultural events, including conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, exhibitions and recitals, bring together a wide cross-section of interest groups for the exchange of information and ideas about Japan. The programme of events at Japan House reinforces and complements the Foundationís grant-giving in supporting and extending the knowledge of Japan in the UK.†

Image: Daiwa Foundation Japan House

The Foundationís activities reach beyond Daiwa Foundation Japan House through collaborations with outside bodies which result in the organisation of seminars, lectures, exhibitions and other events throughout the UK and Japan.

Alongside its funding and events programmes, the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation makes available a number of resources at Daiwa Foundation Japan House, with the aim of furthering Anglo-Japanese links on all levels.  Resources range from meeting rooms for Japan-related groups and study space for visiting Japanese academics.

Image: Daiwa Foundation Japan House and Hideo Furuta's 'Juxtapositions'
Cornwall Terrace as viewed from Regents Park. 
The sculpture in the foreground is 'Juxtapositions' by Hideo Furuta.

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