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 Daiwa Adrian Prizes 2004
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Daiwa Adrian Prize 2001 winners with the Director General and Trustees of the Foundation at the British Embassy in Tokyo, December 2001

Daiwa Adrian Prizes are triennial awards that recognise significant scientific collaboration between British and Japanese research teams.

Professor Richard Adrian FRS, the 2nd Baron Adrian (1927-95) was a distinguished scientist and university administrator. He followed in the footsteps of his father the Nobel Laureate Edgar Adrian, the 1st Baron Adrian in the study of physiology and became Professor of Cell Physiology at Cambridge University in 1978. Lord Adrian had a long association with Cambridge, and was Master of Pembroke College (1981-92) and Vice Chancellor (1985-87), a position his father had held nearly thirty years before. Lord Adrian also served for many years as a Trustee of the British Museum and as a Member of the British Library Board.

They are were established in 1992 and subsequently renamed to commemorate the late Lord Adrian, a founding Trustee of the Foundation. 

All submissions will be judged on scientific quality and past performance but take into account future potential and the likely long-term contribution to UK-Japan scientific relations. Collaborative projects that are at a relatively early stage of development will also be considered. 

Each application undergoes a thorough assessment procedure by the Foundation, the British Council and the Royal Society. 


  • Applications must be made jointly by the British and Japanese Team Leaders and must be from recognised institutions from the UK and Japan. (Team Leaders and Team Members can be of any nationality but they must be affiliated to a relevant institution.)

  • All submissions must be in the open research domain.
  • Multi-disciplinary projects that include an element of education or the social sciences are eligible for consideration.

Find out more on the Daiwa Adrian Prize recipients in 2001, 1998, 1996 and 1994.

Summary: Daiwa Adrian Prizes

Minimum prize 10,000
Maximum prize 15,000
Applicants Institutions
Application deadline 16 February 2004
Decision By 30 November 2004

The Formation & Evolution of Galaxies
University of Durham University of Tokyo
Professor R L Davies 
(Team Leader)
Dr Richard G Bower
Dr Ian Smail
Mr David G Gilbank
Professor Sadanori Okamura
(Team Leader)
Professor Nobuo Arimoto
Dr Tadayuki Kodama
Dr Takashi Okamoto
Roles and Functions of the three Mannan-Binding Lectin-Associated Serine Proteases within the Innate Immune Response
University of Leicester Fukushima Medical University
Dr Wilhelm Schwaeble
(Team Leader)
Dr Cordula Stover
Dr Nicholas Lynch
Dr Teizo Fujita 
(Team Leader)
Dr Yuichi Endo
Dr Misao Matsushita
Dr Minoru Takahashi
Identification of the Genes Responsible for Asthma in the British and Japanese Populations
University of Wales, Swansea University of Tokyo
Professor Julian M Hopkin Professor Taro Shirakawa
Development of Satellite-Based Thermal Methods for Monitoring Active Volcanic Lava Domes
King's College London
Open University
University of Tokyo
Dr Martin Wooster 
(Team Leader)
Dr David Rothery
Dr Takayuki Kaneko 
(Team Leader)
Professor Setsuya Nakada
Elucidation of the Mechanisms how Carotenoids Pursue the Light-Harvesting & Photo-Protective Functions
University of Glasgow Kansai Gakuin University
Dr Richard J Cogdell Dr Yasushi Koyama


Integrable Quantum Field Research
University of Durham
University of Edinburgh
Kyoto University
Chuo University
Hiroshima Institute of Technology
Professor E Corrigan
(Team Leader)
Professor David B Fairlie
Dr Patrick E Dorey
Dr Harry W Braden 
Dr Ryu Sasaki
(Team Leader)
Professor Takeo Inami
Dr Takashi Suzuki
Dr Kanehisa Takasaki
Dr Tatsuya Ueno
Organic Magnets, Metals and Superconductors
Royal Institution of Great Britain
University of Oxford
Meiji Gakuin University
Professor Peter Day
(Team Leader)
Dr S J Blundell
Dr W Hayes
Dr J Singleton
Professor T Sugano
Structural, functional and biochemical effect of Alzheimer's Disease and its treatment using magnetic resonance imaging
King's College London Nagoya University
Professor S H D Jackson
(Team Leader)
Dr J Suckling
Dr S C R Williams
Dr C A Bryant
Professor C G Swift
Professor A Iguchi
(Team Leader)
Dr Y Suzuki
Dr K Ito
Dr T Kato
Dr H Endo
Star and Planetary Formation
University of Hertfordshire National Astronomical Observatory
Nagoya University
University of Tokyo
Professor James Hough
(Team Leader)
Dr A Chrysostomou
Dr T Gledhill
Dr A McCall
Dr J Yates
Dr M Tamura
(Team Leader)
Dr T Hirao
Dr T Hasegawa
Dr M Hayashi
rofessor N Kaifu
Dr H Kataza
Dr K Sunuda
Dr T Nagata
Professor S Sato
Dr K Tatematsu


Structure of Zeolites
UMIST Tohoku University
Dr M W Anderson
(Team Leader)
Dr Viveka Alfredsson
Ms Noreen Pervaiz
Dr Osamu Terasaki
(Team Leader)
Dr Tetsu Osuna
Modelling on Multinuclear Metallobiosites
University of Sheffield Kyushu University
Professor D E Fenton
(Team Leader)
Dr Qing-yu He
Miss Sara Ryan
Professor Hisashi Okawa
(Team Leader)
Dr Naohide Matsumoto
Dr Hiroshi Sakiyama
The physical processes at the ocean/atmosphere boundary 
University of Leicester Iwate University
Professor D Llewellyn-Jones
(Team Leader)
Dr Craig Donlon
Dr Tim Nightingale
Dr Isabelle Parkes
Professor Ryuzo Yokoyama
(Team Leader)
Dr Sumio Tanba
Mr Takashi Souma
Dr Yoshikazu Ikura
The effect of habitat disturbance on the macaqu (Japanese monkey) on Yakushima island
University of Edinburgh Kyoto University
Dr M Rogers
(Team Leader)
Dr D A Hill
Ms A J Biggs
Mr S Vadher
Professor H Osawa
(Team Leader)
Dr J Yamagiwa
Dr N Agestsuma
Mr S Suzuki


Polymer Non-Linear Optics
University of Sheffield Kyushu University
Dr Donal Bradley
(Team Leader)
Dr Olaf Gelsen
Mr Neil Greenham
Mr Simon Martin
Professor Tetsuo Tsutsui
(Team Leader)
Dr Masanao Era
Mr Noriyuki Takada
Mr Eiichiro Aminaka
Pico-Second Laser Spectroscopy
Southampton University Institute for Molecular Science
Dr Jeremy G Fry
(Team Leader)
Dr Stephen R Meech
Dr Andrew J Bell
Professor Keitaro Yoshihara
(Team Leader)
Mr Keisuke Tominaga
Mr Shigeichi Kumazaki
Epithelial Cell Physiology
University of Manchester Osaka University
Professor Maynard Case
(Team Leader)
Dr Martin C Steward
Dr Peter Brown
Dr Jacky McDouall
Dr Jeong Taeg Seo
Dr Stephen Wimperis
Professor Hiroshi Watari
(Team Leader)
Professor Masataka Murakami
Mr Yoshiteru Seo
Mr Toru Ishikawa
Mr Takashi Makahari
X-ray Lasers
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Osaka University
Professor M H Key
(Team Leader)
Professor R Burge
Professor C L S Lewis
Professor G J Pert
Professor S A Ramsden
Dr Domhnail O'Neill
Dr David Neely
Mr Andrew G MacPhee
Dr Greg Tallents
Dr Gary Slark
Dr Philip Holden
Dr Peter Norreys
Professor Yoshiaki Kato
(Team Leader)
Professor Sadao Nakai
Professor Masanobu Yamanaka
Dr Hiroyuki Daido
Dr Ryosuke Kodama
Dr Kensuke Murai
Mr Gang Yuan
Dr Hirozumi Azuma
Dr Hiroyuki Shiraga
Dr Takahisa Jitsuno
Dr Tadashi Kanabe
Dr Masaru Takagi


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