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Daiwa Foundation Awards are between 10,000 and 25,000. They are available to institutions only. The Foundation is looking for innovative, collaborative projects between the UK and Japan that produce tangible, long-term outcomes.

For a project to be eligible for a Daiwa Foundation Awards, it must involve ONLY institutions or organisations based in the UK or Japan. The project must involve two or more institutions/organisations but at least one must be from the UK and one from Japan. One organisation should be designated the Project Leader and the other organisation(s) the Project Partner(s). 

Only institutions or organisations can apply for a Daiwa Foundation Award. The Project Leader should apply for the Award and, if selected, will be responsible for its distribution and administration. The Award must be used within one calendar year of it being granted and a report from the Project Leader must be submitted to the Foundation within two months of the project being completed.

There are THREE categories in the Daiwa Foundation Awards: Arts & Culture, Education & Society and Science & Technology. The categories have one or more sub-themes each year. 

For 2004, there are two sub-themes in each category. They are: 

1. Exhibition research and design 
Aimed at museums and/or galleries seeking to collaborate on new exhibitions.
2. Theatrical productions and tours
Aimed at theatres and/or performing arts companies collaborating on new productions.

1. Institutional collaborations 
Aimed at higher education institutions co-operating on interdisciplinary projects.
2. Professional and grass-roots exchanges 
Aimed at new or developing initiatives facilitating links between professional and special interest groups. 

1. Scientific exchanges 
Aimed at research institutes and university science departments seeking to develop collaborative links.
2. Links between schools and universities
Aimed at senior high schools, research institutes and university departments seeking to develop links that encourage the participation of young people in the fields of science and technology. 

Details on the recipients of Daiwa Foundation Awards 2003, click here.

Summary: Daiwa Foundation Awards

Minimum award 10,000
Maximum award 25,000
Applicants Institutions only
Application submission Applications from the UK and Japan should be sent to Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London.
Application deadline 31 May 
Notification of decision By 31 October
Time limit for an Award  One calendar year from the date of the Award
Report submission Within two months of the project being completed
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