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 Daiwa Foundation Awards 2003
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The first Daiwa Foundation Awards have now been decided.

Daiwa Foundation Awards support collaborative projects between UK and Japanese organisations with funding of £10,000 to £25,000. The Awards are divided into three categories - Arts and Culture, Education and Society, and Science and Technology.

Welcoming Daiwa Foundation Awards 2003, Professor Marie Conte-Helm, Director General of the Foundation, said:

“We were delighted with the quality and cross-section of applications received this year. We look forward to an equally positive response in 2004 and anticipate facilitating further innovative collaboration between UK and Japanese institutions across a broad range of disciplines.” 

There are 12 successful projects involving 16 institutions, organisations or departments in the UK and 18 in Japan; all but three are first time applicants to the Foundation.



Royal Armouries
Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Tokugawa Ieyasu 400th anniversary exhibition at the Royal Armouries, Leeds. 

The Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Kawashima Textile School
National Museum of Modern Art Crafts Gallery (TBC)

‘Through the surface: collaborating textile artists from Britain and Japan’: major touring exhibition of collaborative works made through exchanges of young Japanese and British textile artists. 



University of Sheffield - School of East Asian Studies
University of Tokyo - Graduate School of Law and Politics

Interdisciplinary teams of 8 British and 6 Japanese participants to conduct research on Japan and global governance to result in a workshop and a book. 

International NGO Training & Research Centre (INTRAC)
CSO Network Japan

A pilot 3-day workshop to bring together 5-7 staff from UK NGDOs (non-governmental organisations dedicated to overseas development work) to provide training and networking opportunities with corresponding organisations in Japan. 

Community Action Network (CAN)
Japan NPO Centre
Links Japan

Japan-UK exchange programme to bring 10 British social entrepreneurs to Japan for a 2-day symposium in Tokyo. 



University of London - School of Pharmacy
Kansai University - Faculty of Engineering

A scientific exchange that will investigate derivatives of agents from Japanese green tea that sensitise methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus to antibiotics. 

King's College London - Management Centre
University of Tsukuba - Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Systems
University of Saitama - Faculty of Liberal Arts
Future University of Hakodate - Department of Media Architecture

A collaborative research project between social and computer scientists in the UK and Japan to investigate social interaction in everyday settings. 

Kyoto University - Institute for Chemical Research
University of Oxford - Department of Materials

Collaboration between 4 Japanese and British researchers into glass transition and metal clustering in polymer thin films. 

Institute of Neurology - University College London
University of Tokyo - Department of Neurology

Joint research in the UK and Japan into transcranial magnetic stimulation. 
Science and Technology

University of Leeds - Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
KEK High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation
White Rose University Consortium

A new joint initiative in accelerator science with significant applications in science, technology and medicine.

University of Cambridge - Physiology Department
University of Tokyo - Department of Complexity Science and Engineering

Exchange visits to further collaboration in nonlinear dynamics of cortical neurons. 

University of Glasgow - Bioinformatics Research Centre
Computational Biology Research Centre

Reciprocal visits between the UK and Japan to further research into inter-residue interactions in protein structures. 


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