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 2001 Seminar Series
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A new publication, 'UK-Japan Social Policy Forum: proceedings of the 2001 Seminar Series' is now available from The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation.

The book is a collection of papers delivered by distinguished speakers during the 2001 Seminar Series at Daiwa Foundation Japan House. The Series was organised by The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in association with the Japan Society as part of Japan 2001.

Topics covered are: 

Parallels in Policing: Developing an Anglo-Japanese Perspective

Educational Reform and Comparisons: Developing an Anglo-Japanese Perspective

Youth Issues

Social Welfare Issues in Britain and Japan

The Japanese Employment System at the Crossroads: from Employment Security to Labour Mobility

A Changing Society

Human Rights

Japan's Evolving Humanitarian Agenda

Ageing and Intergenerational Relations.

'UK-Japan Social Policy Forum: Proceedings of the 2001 Seminar Series' is available directly from The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. To obtain a copy, please send a self addressed envelope with 84p in stamps attached to:

2001 Seminar Series
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
Daiwa Foundation Japan House
13/14 Cornwall Terrace
London NW1 4QP.

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