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No project is the same as the next. We hope the following will be useful when considering how to apply to the Foundation.

Can I apply to the Foundation and to other grant-giving bodies for the same project?
The Foundation actively encourages applicants to apply to a number of different organisations to cover the costs of a project.

I wish to use funding from the Foundation to cover a number of different project costs. Can I do this?
Funding from the Foundation may be used to cover different costs but at all times must be used to support collaboration between the UK and Japan. Applicants must state exactly how much they require and for what purpose. 

Are there any projects that the Foundation cannot support?
A list of
the Foundation's exclusions can be found here.

How can I find out whether my project is suitable?
Please read the details in this section carefully, including the notes included in the relevant Application Pack. If you have any further queries, please contact . 

My project is due to start before the scheduled decision date. Can I still apply?
No. The Foundation is unable to fund projects retrospectively. 

Do I have to be a citizen of the UK or Japan in order to apply?
All applicants must demonstrate a long-term commitment to UK-Japan relations. 

Which language should I use when applying?
All applications must be completed in English.

I wish to apply for a Daiwa Foundation Award but I do not have a Japanese/British Project Partner. Can the Foundation help?
The Foundation welcomes enquiries about potential Daiwa Foundation Award projects but it is the responsibility of the applicant to establish a relationship with a partner. 

Can I send multiple applications?
For the Daiwa Foundation Small Grants, an applicant may submit only ONE application per calendar year. For the Daiwa Foundation Awards, an applicant may submit only ONE application for a specific project each year (we expect that an institution may apply for funding for more than one project in any one year). For the Daiwa Adrian Prize, an applicant may submit only ONE application for each selection process. Priority is generally given to new applicants.

Can I apply for funding for a project that will last longer than one calendar year?
Daiwa Foundation Small Grants, Daiwa Foundation Awards and Daiwa Adrian Prizes must be used within one calendar year of being granted. For long-term projects that cover several years, the Foundation can consider an element or elements of that project that can be completed within one calendar year. 

Where should I send my application?
If you are applying for a Daiwa Foundation Small Grant, please send it to Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London if you are based in the UK or to our Tokyo Office if you are based in Japan. 
If you are applying for a Daiwa Foundation Award, please send your application to Daiwa Foundation Japan House

Can I send my application by email or fax?
All applications must be sent by post.

Does the Foundation acknowledge applications? 
No. If you need an acknowledgement, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard with your application. 

My application might miss the deadline. Is this a problem?
Each programme has a fixed deadline to which all applicants must adhere. If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, applications must reach us by the next working day. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that their application reaches the Foundation on time.

What happens after the Foundation receives my application? 
Each application is logged and filed. After the deadline, all the applications are carefully assessed. If
there are any queries about your application, a member of the Foundation staff will contact you directly. After the final assessment is made by the Trustees, the Foundation will inform you of the decision as soon as possible. 

If successful, how soon would I receive my grant or award?
When writing to successful applicants,
the Foundation will ask how they would like the funds to be paid. The Foundation can pay by cheque or bank transfer to UK recipients and by bank transfer to Japan recipients. As soon as the Foundation receives acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and notification of means of payment, the funds can be paid. 

When must I submit a Report?
A Report must be submitted to the Foundation within two months after the project has been completed.
Click here for the Daiwa Foundation Small Grants Report Form, here for the Daiwa Foundation Awards Report Form and here for the Daiwa Adrian Prize Report Form. 

If I receive funding from the Foundation, can I apply again for further funding?
With Daiwa Foundation Small Grants, it is unlikely that
the Foundation will fund the same individual or institution over two consecutive calendar years. With Daiwa Foundation Awards, it is unlikely that we will fund the same project twice. Priority is generally given to new applicants.

If my application is rejected can I find out why?
the Foundation is unable to gives reasons for rejecting an application. The decision of the Trustees is final.

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