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 Daiwa Scholars 2001
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Image: Junko Kono (Deputy Director, Tokyo Office), Stephan Gale, Ben Secher, Dicky Chalmers, Richard Buttrey, David Tickler, Jon Batchelor and Ruth Shinoda with (front row) Mr Yoshitoki Chino (Vice Chairman) and Professor Marie Conte-Helm (Director-General)
Junko Kono (Deputy Director, Tokyo Office), Stephan Gale, Ben Secher, Dicky Chalmers, Richard Buttrey, David Tickler, Jon Batchelor and Ruth Shinoda with (front row) Mr Yoshitoki Chino (Vice Chairman) and Professor Marie Conte-Helm (Director-General)

Daiwa Scholars 2001 graduated from the programme on 24 April 2003. At the ceremony, each of Daiwa Scholars 2001 encapsulated their experiences and language skills with a short speech in Japanese. 

Jonathan Batchelor: What is the best way to promote true international understanding? 

Richard Buttrey: Nuclear Crisis on the Korean Peninsula 

Dicky Chalmers: Daiwa Scholar! - The Movie

Stephan Gale: The naturalised wildlife of Japan

Benjamin Secher: 3-D

Ruth Shinoda: Salary men and housewives

David Tickler: You can't solve a problem with same the mind that created it 

Of Daiwa Scholars 2001, six passed Level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and one passed the top grade, Level 1. 

Jonathan Batchelor
Jonathan obtained a 1st in Medical Science from the University of Nottingham in 1998 and was Pre-Registration House Officer at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham before taking up a Daiwa Scholarship. He has a particular interest in dermatology, and undertook his work placement at Showa University Hospital and the National Centre for Child Health & Development. Jonathan will be returning from Japan to become Senior House Officer in the Accident & Emergency Department at King’s College Hospital, London.

Richard Buttrey
Richard graduated in 1997 from Hertford College, Oxford, with an undergraduate Masters degree in Physics. He subsequently joined the Fast Stream of the Civil Service and worked on a number of policy areas, most recently at the Ministry of Defence.  Richard continued his policy work in Japan, examining the North Korea issue at the National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA), a Tokyo-based think-tank. Richard plans to return to the UK Civil Service.

Dicky Chalmers
Dicky graduated in English from University College, Oxford in 2001. He furthered his interest in media production through his work placement and  studied editing at the Japan Academy of Moving Images and worked on post-production of a new Shinya Tsukamoto movie. He also developed his own film at There’s Enterprise and Bacca the Bacca. Dicky is to remain in Japan to continue his film work.

Stephan Gale
Stephan studied Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge and then went to work at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew before undertaking an MSc in Forestry at Linacre College, Oxford. He assisted researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and participated in field research with PREC Institute for his work placement. Stephan hope to continue his research following his completion of the Daiwa Scholarship.

Benjamin Secher
Ben graduated from St Catherine’s College, Oxford in English. His interest in journalism led him to become editor-in-chief of ISIS, the Oxford University magazine. He continued to further his experience through his work placements at Asahi Herald and Tribune News, where he wrote articles on Japanese culture and society; at ‘Cyzo’, a lifestyle magazine published by Infobahn, where he was involved in editing; and at Tarzan, a mens' fitness magazine. Ben is to return to the UK and pursue a media career. 

Ruth Shinoda
Ruth studied Economics at the University of Nottingham and graduated with a 2:1 in 1996. She joined the Civil Service Fast Stream and worked on policy development at the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office and the then Department of Education & Employment. The focus of her work was on youth issues and this continued through her work placement at the Japanese Cabinet Office and the Japan Productivity Centre for Socio-Economic Development (JPC-SEC). Ruth will start work as policy adviser for the New Zealand Government from September 2003.

David Tickler
David graduated with a 2:1 in Engineering from St John’s College, Cambridge in 1998. He has a strong interest in problem solving and he worked in strategic analysis at Capital One. His work placements were at the Takeda Foundation and the Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry (RIETI), researching innovation incubation. David is planning to work in Australia.

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